Well-matched spice mixes

The requirements for a really good barbecue seasoning are higher than you would probably expect. On the one hand the spice mixes are exposed to high temperatures. On the other, a perfect appearance on the marinated meat is just as important as the taste itself – a harmonious synergy of seasoning and the resulting aroma of roasting meat. In addition to a range of versatile barbecue seasonings, we offer a wide range of spice mixes and marinades which are well-matched to the particular types of meat. We also offer seasonings for fish, seafood, vegetable dishes and surface seasoning for bratwurst.

Grillade Braten mit Schafkäse Füllung

From non-professionals to master butchers

Our wide range of barbecue seasonings is very well known among local butchers, but Austrian barbecue associations have also been loyal customers for many years. All of our consultants share a personal passion for the barbecue and this passion is reflected in the quality and finesse of our barbecue seasonings and marinades.