Convenience products


Convenience products with added value

We believe tasty convenience products are ready-made and semi ready-made products with added value. The best flavour, and speed and ease of preparation are the main factors. In our wide range of convenience products you will find a variety of crumb coatings, ready-to-use mixes for the preparation of spreads, for meat, goulash and various stir-fry dishes. Also delicious and convenient are our instant seasonings for a range of soups and sauces.

fleisch sauce knödel

Economic and still premium quality

When it comes to seasonal and time-limited offers in particular, time-saving and thus economical preparation is an important factor. The combination of fresh products finished with our all-in-one mixes, salad dressings or ready-made marinades ensures constant high quality.

In addition to convenience products for traditional meals we also offer stir-fry sauces, Asian and Latin barbecue dips and spice mixtures, burger seasonings and an amazing curry sauce for Currywurst. Check out the possibilities for spicing up your own selection of products.