High-end barbecue marinades

Our premium Willy barbecue marinades are hard to beat when it comes to marinating meat. Our fourteen different Willys recipes all feature the generous use of the best herbs and spices, a special high-quality oil recipe and a rich, well-rounded flavour. These characteristics have made our Willy product range the most popular meat marinades in Austria and at the same time set the benchmark for this product segment.

Tempting appearance and rich flavour

The Willy marinades are professional marinades par excellence, making the meat look truly tempting with spice ingredients that lift the flavour, a consistency that adheres beautifully to the meat and a deliciously rich flavour. No flavour enhancers are added to the product. Both small and big pieces of meat marinated with one of our fourteen different Willys can be fried, grilled, roasted or barbecued. The extraordinary taste of our Willys will convince you.

Kräuterbutter Style Willy 31219

Kräuterbutter-Style Willy

2.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 31219

Everybody wants it, everybody loves it: the herb butter has its regular place on the grill table. With the Kräuterbutter-Style Willy you conjure the full-bodied herb butter taste on the meat even before the grilling itself. That gives an incomparably round and full spicy flavour to all grills, no matter which kind of meat. Furthermore the Kräuterbutter-Style Willy belongs on grilled corn and all kinds of vegetable side dishes.

Bacon Style Willy 31220

Bacon-Style Willy

2.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 31220

The spicy aroma of roasted bacon forms the flavour soul of our Bacon-Style Willy. Marinate bacon for burgers or all kinds of minced meat, if it should taste a little stronger than usual. The Bacon-Style Willy emphasizes the strong taste of grilled pork and is used for seasoning dishes containing fried bacon.

Orange Willy 30682

Orange Willy

500 g bucket, material # 30682

With its fresh and tangy orange flavour and spicy pepper bite, the new Orange Willy harmonises perfectly with all types of poultry, fish and delicately aromatic barbecued pork dishes. The fine citrus flavours go just as brilliantly with fish as they do with chargrilled poultry, pork loin or classic chops.

Curry Willy

Curry Willy

2.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 38675

Our Curry Willy tastes fruity and contains mild curry spices and high-quality barbecue oils. Pepper and other spices round off this barbecue marinade. The Asian character goes perfectly with poultry, stir-fried curry dishes, side vegetables and pork.

Tomatino Willy 38996

Tomatino Willy

1.2 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 38996

Tomatoes, herbs and spices are the main ingredients in the fruity Tomatino Willy. It goes with poultry and light meats, all kinds of vegetable side dishes and toasted bread. Have a taste of the Italian barbecue feeling.

BBQ Willy 38309

BBQ Willy

2.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 38309

Rich and smoky barbecue flavour and a unique dark look – that’s our BBQ Willy. Honey sauce and elegant chilli flavour complete the marinade for barbecue classics such as spare ribs and steaks.

Bratl Willy 39080

Bratl Willy

4.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 39080

The Bratl Willy is a rich and full-flavoured marinade with garlic, caraway and marjoram for the typically rustic flavour of roasted meat. Particularly suitable for roasts, stir-fried pork dishes or just to add some extra seasoning in gravy.

Bunter Willy 38953

Bunter Willy

4.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 38953

Bunter Willy marinade contains a delicious combination of peppers, garlic, onions and herbs. For spicy pork, poultry, fish or seafood dishes. Also suitable for pepping up puff pastry, salad dressings, pasta sauces, barbecued sweetcorn or farmhouse vegetables.

Chillie Willy 38330

Chillie Willy

4.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 38330

Chilli Willy is a spicy - but not exactly hot - barbecue marinade with fruity chilli flavour and aromatic pepper. For grilled pork and beef, spicy poultry dishes such as chicken wings, stews and stir-fries.

Exotic Willy 35682

Exotic Willy

2.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 35682

Exotic Willy is a curry-flavoured barbecue marinade containing onion, ginger and peppers. This exotic marinade has a fresh and fruity flavour that goes very well with poultry, seafood and fish and is also great for seasoning side dishes.

Gyros Willy 34200

Gyros Willy

2.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 34200

Fine barbecue marinade with Mediterranean herbs and spices providing a typical kebab flavour. Perfectly suited for lamb kebab dishes, for seasoning kebabs, ragouts, oriental barbecue specialities and grilled vegetables.

Knusper Willy 38331

Knusper Willy

4.5 kg and 2.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 38331

Knusper Willy is a full-bodied barbecue marinade featuring garlic and pepper for that classic barbecue taste. Especially made for pork, beef and lamb, Austrian Gröstl, homemade pizza bread or to add some seasoning to sauerkraut.

Kräuter Willy 38329

Kräuter Willy

4.5 kg and 2.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 38329

Herbal Willy has a fresh and full herbal aroma with a touch of garlic. This marinade goes with vegetables, barbecued meat, fish, lamb and venison and is ideal for spreading on a baguette, as a base for herbal cream sauces and much more.

Pfeffer Willy 37019

Pfeffer Willy

2.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 37019

Pepper Willy is a seasoning marinade with a sophisticated and spicy hint of pepper and garlic. It gives a delicate, aromatic and well-rounded flavour to steaks and pork dishes, pepper sauces and stews, venison or barbecued potatoes.

Scharfer Willy 34754

Scharfer Willy

2.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 34754

Spicy barbecue marinade with a fruity taste in the finish. For hot BBQ ribs, chilli burgers and other varieties of minced meat or as a seasoning for chilli con carne, stir-fry dishes, vegetables or spicy poultry dishes.

Zwiebel Willy 38082

Zwiebel Willy

2.5 kg and 500 g bucket, material # 38082

Onion Willy impresses with its powerful onion flavour, supported by a touch of fine garlic, aromatic pepper and other spices. Onion Willy goes well with grilled pork, Austrian Zwiebelrostbraten, steaks, minced meat dishes and hearty Austrian potato Gröstl.

Rosmarin Willy 30381

Rosmarin Willy

500 g bucket, material # 30381

Rosemary is a truly Mediterranean herb and goes perfectly with lamb, beef and veal. Basically our Rosemary Willy is for seasoning vegetables, e.g. rosemary potatoes, mushrooms or courgette but also works well in sauces, Mediterranean casseroles and ragouts.