Sausage casings


Perfect Skin – The sausage casing product range

RAPS owns a printing plant for sausage casings, providing many advantages for customers. Firstly, we have in-house synthetic sausage casing specialists who know exactly which casing is suitable for which product and filling method. Secondly, we provide up-to-date information regarding new materials and applicability.

From industrial to individual

Requirements for synthetic sausage casings within large-scale production are very wide-ranging, from the most economical slicer casings and casings for use as cheap and serviceable bulk packaging up to the highest quality spooled fibre casings with 6-colour printing or individual customer printing for speciality sausages in the higher price bracket. Synthetic casing suitable for smoking, salami look, net casings, special handmade stitched shapes – we have the right packaging for your sausage product at the right quality. Do you want to brand your sausage products with your own logo or that of your major customer? Our printing and casing design experts will take care of it all for you. Even our standard range includes over 200 casing types covering all applications.

In addition to our synthetic sausage casings, we also offer our customers a range of different dip coatings plus flavour coatings applied to films for sausage and ham products.

Please click here for the RAPS sausage casings brochure "Perfect Skin"

Product range overview (excerpt):

geräucherte Brühwurst Alpenländer Kunststoff Wursthülle Darm

Synthetic casings for cooked and smoked sausages

ungeräucherte Brühwurst Kunststoff Wursthülle Darm

Synthetic casings for cooked sausages

Kunststoff Wursthüllen für Kochpökelwaren Toastschinken

Synthetic casings for cooked ham

Slicedärme und unbedruckte Kunststoff Wursthüllen

Slice casings and unprinted synthetic casings

Portionsdärme Kunststoff für Kochwurstprodukte Streichwurst

Small portion casings for pate and jellied products

Kunststoff-Wursthüllen für BIO-Wurstprodukte Krakauer

Synthetic casings for organic sausages