From starter to dessert


A one-stop shop

This common expression hits the nail on the head where we are concerned. Raw spices, herbs, vinegars and oils, mixes, nougat, finger food… the list goes on and on. What do you get out of all this? You get an expert personal contact for all questions concerning flavour in your food operation. And you get a supplier of high-quality flavour concepts for your kitchen.

Buffet Selbstbedienung

This team has great taste

Our food service team is made up of professionals covering the entire cooking and baking sector: chefs, cooks, confectioners and patissiers, bakers, master butchers – they all work together with enthusiasm and a love of detail to produce new liquid or powder seasonings and preparations for every application imaginable. And there's just no holding them back.

Within a few years they have built an enormous range covering all forms of catering operation and types of preparation. And that's why we are proud to say that the snack bar on the corner with the fantastic currywurst is just as much one of our customers as the famous award-winning restaurant and the country pub with the delicious bratwurst. We are pleased to be able to count outstanding event caterers amongst our customers, as well as committed cooks in the care sector and large factory canteens whose staff put their whole hearts and their creativity into elevating their colleagues' lunchtime meal to a daily experience.