Meat and sausage


Over 30 years of experience

RAPS Austria is firmly rooted in the Austrian meat industry. We have been developing spice mixtures and additives for local butcher’s shops for over thirty years. Nowhere else in Europe is the range of meats and sausages as diverse as it is in Austria, especially semidry sausage, cooked sausage and cooked ham. We know the local differences and preferences and offer our customers, in addition to a very comprehensive standard product range, tailor-made recipes for butcher’s shops. The spices and other flavours and additives used are carefully selected. Besides the freshness of the products the success of your products – and thus of your business – depends on excellent flavour, and we are fully aware of this.

Always the right taste

No matter which kind of ham or sausage you want to add to your product range, we offer the right flavour at the highest quality level. Spice mixtures and recipes for traditional production, for organic based production, for clean label products and also for Halal products - we are your reliable partner when it comes to the perfect taste.