Show them what you're made of!

As a year-round product, the bratwurst is one of the top-selling items – in specialist butcher's shops as well as in general retail. They are simply everywhere. At festivals, markets and barbecue events, and at home on almost every barbecue or for an ordinary lunch or dinner. So why not turn the bratwurst into a promotional item? Why not get people talking about you with a few unusual varieties? Word-of-mouth is after all the best advertising there is.

bratwurst roh gebraten dekor würzung

Let them talk about you!

Almost no other counter sales product is so easy to adapt as the bratwurst. It doesn't take much to create varieties unique to you for sale alongside the standard range and using the basic mix. So at barbecues all around the town will be heard the words, "Wow, that tastes great. Where did you get the sausages?" The rest is sales history. With imagination, a good instinct for the creation of recipes and a healthy dose of humour we have put together 18 bratwurst varieties for you. 

Please click here for the Bratwurst brochure (English version)

Please find the recipes for the Bratwurst varieties below: 

PDF recipe: Die Fegefeuer Modelle - Terminator
PDF recipe: Die Fegefeuer Modelle - Schwiegermutter
PDF recipe: Die Fegefeuer Modelle - Tomcat

PDF recipe: It's a Man's World - El Torro
PDF recipe: It's a Man's World - Siegfried
PDF recipe: It's a Man's World - Gladiator

PDF recipe: Für Prinzessinnen - Sissi
PDF recipe: Für Prinzessinnen - Shades of Grey
PDF recipe: Für Prinzessinnen - Prairie Fleurie

PDF recipe: Hautevolee - Chinatown
PDF recipe: Hautevolee - Zuckergoscherl
PDF recipe: Hautevolee - Che Guevara

PDF recipe: Die Faschingsgilde

PDF recipe: Von Auswärts - Pas de Deux
PDF recipe: Von Auswärts - Celentano
PDF recipe: Von Auswärts - Russkovskaja

PDF recipe: Alter Adel - Feine Bratwurst
PDF recipe: Alter Adel - Grobe Bratwurst mit Grundbrät
PDF recipe: Alter Adel - Grobe Bratwurst ohne Grundbrät