RAPS microencapsulation: even coatings for raw materials

RAPS microencapsulation enables the customised coating of raw materials. Unlike conventional coating processes this innovative technology can be used to evenly coat products with grains measuring 100 μm to 12 mm, even if they are irregularly shaped. This protects them against temperature fluctuations, moisture and oxygen. At the same time it makes products more stable in their flavour and colour.

This RAPS technology enlarges the areas many times over in which microencapsulation processes can be used in the food industry. Raw materials given special properties by this coating process can provide a foundation for developing unusual and pioneering products.

Air flow bed process replaces fluidised bed process

RAPS has revolutionised the conventional fluidised bed process using an innovative air flow bed process. The range of raw materials that could be processed and refined was limited using the fluidised bed process, but the application of the air flow bed process extends this range massively. The new technology enables fragile, irregularly shaped carrier materials with grain sizes of between 100 μm and 12 mm to be evenly coated.

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