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The RAPS Marmot stands for 100% Austrian herbs and for mixes of Austrian herbs with added exotic spices. This really is the best from Austria and the world. Many Marmot herbs are also available in our organic range, depending on harvest and availability. Because organic from Austria is always better than organic from just anywhere.

Grown in Austria, low food miles and a quite extraordinarily high product quality – what more could you want for your kitchen? Marmot – that's what we call genuine sustainability and proper regionality. As well as the environmental aspects, the sensationally intense, classic flavour of these native varieties is a completely convincing reason to buy Marmot. You'll never find a caraway more intense than our Marmot caraway. The deep green Marmot parsley tastes as powerful as it looks and all the other Marmot herbs go far beyond anything you have seen before in both flavour and looks. In comparison to the classic herb growing regions the climate here is cooler, which allows the plants to grow a little more slowly and develop their characteristics to an intense level – it's clear in the flavour.

As well as the commonly used individual Marmot herbs such as marjoram, parsley and oregano, we have also created herbal mixes for a wide range of uses. These compositions taste different. They taste like they are doing you good, because we use herbs that are not found in everyday mixes, such as calendula, hemp and anise hyssop. They are a wonderful way to help you stand out from the crowd and create flavour sensations.

Of course, there are limits to the agricultural possibilities in our region. Classic spices such as pepper, nutmeg, turmeric or cardamom will only truly flourish in subtropical regions. And it would only be possible to cultivate these spices here in Austria with a great deal of effort and quite possibly the worst possible use of energy. That's why we combine premium Austrian herbs with the finest spices from overseas in our Marmot mixes for beef, poultry and other uses. The result of this approach is a flavour phenomenon. But please, see for yourself. You'll taste immediately that we are not exaggerating.

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