Salad dressing basis

Our new salad dressing base considerably simplifies the production of a wide variety of dressing variants. The sprinkleable basic seasoning for salad is simply mixed with water and oil. The highlight - the round and finely spicy taste of this dressing base is particularly well suited for the production of individual flavours. The chef creates dressings for a whole salad buffet within a few minutes.

Your advantages:

  • A dressing base for countless variations
  • Create a new flavour in one minute
  • Large product selection for variant production
  • You save time, money and at the same time become highly flexible
  • For both cold and warm salads with meat or fish

Very simple preparation:

Mix 150 g RAPS salad dressing base with 600 g or 400 g water (depending on application) and 250 g oil. Add top seasoning, depending on the desired variation - ready.

The application examples can be found here in the data sheet (German).

The all-in mixture (taste plus consistency) of the RAPS salad dressing base produces a particularly full and round basic taste with a balanced salt balance, but without any specific flavour. This allows a new dressing creation to be prepared within a minute simply by adding a flavor-specific vinegar or oil variety. For example...

Salad dressing base + seed oil = seed oil marinade for fried chicken or bean salad
Salad dressing base + basil oil + balsamic vinegar bianco = mediterranean marinade for green salads
Salad dressing base + curry oil + mango = marinade for shrimp or chicken salad

RAPS Salatdressing Basis 

1 kg bucket, material # 62734

All-in mixture with a particularly round, finely spiced and constant flavour base, ideal for modification. Extremely safe, long shelf life, vegan and without added flavour enhancers.

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