Meat preparation in perfection

Sous-vide or low temperature cooked meat dishes are more than an alternative form of preparation, it is a new business model - especially for butchers.

  • Very tender and juicy meat
  • Firmer cuts also become tender and juicy and thus interesting for sale
  • Meat juice and spices can be used as a sauce base
  • Sous-vide overnight production possible
  • Sous-vide pieces only need hot overfrying
  • Quick refill in the shop counter
  • Buyers: end consumers, caterers, inns, system catering
  • Short-term inquiries can be satisfied without any problems
  • Sous-vide pieces have a long shelf life when cooled

Sous-vide production is a real winning formula with many advantages. Due to the long cooking time, seasoning plays a particularly important role. For this reason we have developed eight Sous-vide seasonings for you. Composition, degree of grinding, salt content, seasoning power - every single one of our Sous-vide blend is perfectly matched to the respective type of meat.

Sous-vide Butchers Belly Würzung

Butchers Belly - Sous-vide seasoning for pork 

1 kg bag, material # 30901

Typical base for pork with spicy garlic and warm caraway clay, accompanied by fine pepper and matched with slightly smoked pepper and other spices.

Sous-vide Flying Duckman Würzung

Flying Duckman - Sous-vide seasoning for duck and goose

1 kg bag, material # 30900

The combination of black pepper and fruity orange forms the spicy base. Lemon, warm coriander and a touch of onion complete this noble mixture.

Sous-vide Cozy Rosy Würzung

Cozy Rosy - Sous-vide seasoning for roastbeef

1 kg bag, material # 30903

Cozy Rosy is a particularly round herbal mixture with a smoky note and a hint of curry but foremost dominated by rosemary. Black and white pepper provide for the slightly piquant rounding.

Sous-vide The Ripper Würzung

The Ripper - Sous-vide seasoning for beef and pork ribs

1 kg bag, material # 30908

Noble and full smoky note with a hint of sweetness as a tasty counterpart, balanced with best fruity pepper and other spices.

Sous-vide Gentle Veal Würzung

Gentle Veal - Sous-vide seasoning for veal

1 kg bag, material # 30906

The very elegant and balanced base note of a fine aromatic spice cuvee supports the tender veal and is accompanied by an aromatic rosemary note.

Sous-vide Throne of Bone Würzung

Throne of Bone - Sous-vide seasoning for lamb

1 kg bag, material # 30904

The characteristic herbal note of thyme, savory and rosemary is complemented by a hint of sage and oregano. White pepper and aniseed round off the flavour.

Sous-vide Starbeefer Würzung

Starbeefer - Sous-vide seasoning for short fried beef

1 kg bag, material # 30905

The classic and basic seasoning made from different pepper varieties harmonizes with the strong beef taste and is accompanied by an aromatic herbal mix.

Sous-vide Steamy Sally Würzung

Steamy Sally - Sous-vide seasoning for cooked beef

1 kg bag, material # 30907

The delicate base note of carrot, leek and parsnip provides full aroma, which is rounded off by lovage leaves. A fine aromatic spice cuvee provides a taste similar to beef soup.