Double victory: Willy Bacon-Style and Kräuterbutter-Style

NEW WILLY’S: Kräuterbutter-Style Willy and Bacon-Style Willy

Thy Willy be done - so it is written. We proudly present two brand new flavours to choose from: With our Bacon-Style Willy and Kräuterbutter-Style Willy you hit the taste heart of barbecue connoisseurs. We are thus expanding the series of Austria's most popular professional barbecue marinades to 17 varieties, each with its own unique flavour characteristics for a diverse range. Naturally without added flavour enhancers and also suitable for vegetarian grill dishes.
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Bacon Style Willy Grillmarinade

Bacon-Style Willy

500 g and 2.5 kg bucket; material # 31220

The mouthwatering savoury flavour of fried bacon is the heart and soul of Bacon-Style Willy. Use it to marinate bacon for burgers or all kinds of minced meat dishes whenever a stronger flavour is required. Bacon-Style Willy emphasises the powerful flavour of barbecued pork and can be used for seasoning any dish containing fried bacon. A stunner!

Kräuterbutter Style Willy Grillmarinade

Kräuterbutter-Style Willy

500 g and 2.5 kg bucket; material # 31219

Everyone wants it, everyone loves it - herb butter is a fixture of the barbecue spread. With Kräuterbutter-Style Willy you can conjure up that full-flavoured herb butter taste on the meat even before barbecueing, giving all barbecued foods, no matter what type of meat, an incomparably rounded and well-seasoned flavour. Kräuterbutter-Style Willy also goes well with barbecued corn on the cob and all kinds of vegetable accompaniments.