Product information

RAPS KIP - our customer information portal

You'll find detailed information on our products in accordance with the Food Information Regulations on our customer information portal.

The information provided includes:

  • Ingredients/declaration
  • Allergen information
  • Nutritional information

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Information on wholesale products.
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Information on all products linked with your customer number.
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Allergen labelling

In addition to the information required by the EU Food Information Regulations on products and accompanying papers, we label our products with letter codes to support the implementation of the Allergen Information Regulations (Austrian Federal Law Gazette II 175/2014).

Please see the information in square brackets and the codes provided. These provide information on ingredients used which are classified as allergens by EU regulations, e.g. [F, G].

Download RAPS Allergen key 

You will find recommendations on the allergen information provided in the case of non-packaged foods ("open goods") as well as additional information at Communication platform for consumer health.