Raps Fresh


Unique and fresh taste

Bring unique, fresh tastes to your customers’ plates with minimal effort. The RAPS FRESH LINE comprises a wide and diverse range of products that satisfy the highest of standards.

Ingredient pastes: exquisite seasonings for your dishes

RAPS FRESH ingredient pastes are the perfect base product for seasoning meat, delicatessen and convenience products. Made using high-quality mono-components, our pastes boast a fresh, authentic taste profile and excellent colour retention.

Rohstoff Pasten Monokomponenten

Pestos: the essence of herbs

Made either hot or cold using fine herbs, garlic and oils, supplemented by cheese, pine nuts and other ingredients according to taste: the FRESH LINE pestos give products a touch of traditional Italian cuisine. Specially selected ingredients are used to create a unique, naturally fresh taste.

RAPS Pesto

Sauces: for a well rounded taste experience

Spaghetti Bolognese, potatoes au gratin, steaks – it often takes the perfect sauce to get the taste just right. RAPS FRESH sauces offer a wide range of flavours that are suitable for warm and cold dishes as well as salads and desserts.


Best flavour inside and outside

Fillings: fresh on the inside, delicious on the outside

Products often get their characteristic taste from their filling. The right filling makes stuffed meatballs, Danish pastries and potato pockets into unmistakeable treats. RAPS FRESH fillings are ideal for stuffed meat and pasta products.


Preparations: creating the perfect combination

RAPS FRESH preparations give numerous base products like cream cheese, butter or cream spreads their unique, natural taste. Our microbiologically stable preparations in paste form are used in particular in the production of special dairy and delicatessen products.

Zubereitungen pastös

IQF-Pellets: as versatile as your products

The practical IQF pellets transform your products into a taste sensation. The die-formed frozen pellets are highly varied in terms of shape and size, making subsequent processing easy. Ideal as a filling for meat, fish, baked and snack products.

IQF-Pellets Füllung

Chutneys: tangy or fruity - or perhaps both?

Fruity and tangy, spicy and aromatic, or sweet and sour – the incredible flavour combinations of chutneys are wonderfully varied. With a harmoniously rounded flavour, chutneys are perfect with cheese, fish, game and many other dishes.


Toppings: a delicious finishing touch

For pizzas, sandwiches or fish fillets – the RAPS FRESH LINE toppings add the perfect finishing touch of exquisite taste to your products. Suitable for freezing, defrosting and cooking in the oven, they are highly versatile and transform delicious treats into exquisite delicacies.