RAPS international

Great flavour around the world

Just as the herb and spice trade has long since developed from being a speciality niche business into a global industry, RAPS has also become a company trading in spices and active ingredients around the world. As one of the first companies to do so, RAPS formed business relationships with Eastern Europe and Russia even before the Iron Curtain came down. At the same time we expanded our market coverage in the Asian, African and American regions.

Just as important as our organic and sustainable growth in our sales regions however, is our global procurement network for the best herbs and spices. Consistent global expansion in areas of cultivation requires a precise knowledge of the local conditions – this is how we can ensure the best harvests for us which also means the best for you.Being successful in the spice trade means having the best relationships with the customer and innovative product development on the one hand and the best trading relationships with the growing regions on the other.

This balance is the reason for our success in the past and our continuing growth into the future.

RAPS International in figures:

  • Over 40,000 tonnes of total production per year
  • 7 production locations in Europe
  • 7 offices and over 40 representations around the world
  • Over 60 % of our business is exports