Sausage casings


Eye-catching casings

We offer attractive casings for your sausage specialities. When a product is equivalent to another the consumer takes the one with the better looking packaging because, unconsciously, we think the content tastes better. The same applies to sausages and casings. A high-quality synthetic casing has to meet several technical requirements: good meat adhesion and peelability, high stability of the clip and low shrinkage.

Wursthülle Darm Slicen

Design your own label

The RAPS casings product range - from sophisticated fibre casings to slicer casings for the meat processing industry – combines efficiency and technical feasibility. We will be happy to advise you on private label solutions - from simply printing a logo to an all-over design. We offer in-house production of printing plates, excellent print quality with up to 6 colours, and professional manufacturing. Please have a look at the "Perfect Skin" synthetic casings leaflet.

RAPS "Perfect Skin" sausage casings brochure

Product range overview (excerpt):

Alpenländer Wursthülle Darm

Synthetic casings for cooked and smoked sausages

Krakauer Wursthülle Darm

Synthetic casings for cooked sausages

Toastschinken Wursthülle Darm

Synthetic casings for cooked ham

Slicedärme und unbedruckte Kunststoff Wursthüllen

Slice casings and unprinted synthetic casings

Portionsdärme für Kochwurstprodukte Wursthülle Streichwurst

Small portion casings for pate and jellied products

Kunststoff Wursthüllen für BIO-Wurstprodukte Krakauer

Synthetic casings for organic sausages