Specialist consultation


Going forward together

Cooking is a demanding job. And it also requires a great deal of passion and creativity. Our specialist consultants have their professional roots in the food service industry, whether it's in restaurant kitchens, event catering or large-scale food production. They know all about the wide range of tasks that a cook has to perform, often going far beyond cooking. Human resources management, purchasing, seasonal requirements, finding suppliers – depending on the type of operation, the cook is also often a manager.

Specialist food service consultation for us means dealing with issues such as presenting new ingredients or alternative preparation possibilities. But it also includes an exchange of information between professionals and shining a light on trends and consumer behaviour which is in the grip of constant change.

Gruppenübung RAPS Fachseminar

Specialist consultation means communication

Over the years our series of seminars, "RAPS GASTROdialoge", have established themselves as a cooks' get-together focusing on the transmission of information as well as on networking in the setting of a relaxed and entertaining evening event. We see specialist consultation, whether it's in a workshop or at your premises, as an expression of partnership and collaboration and our contribution to a successful business relationship.